Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge

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Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge provides accommodation that integrated with nature; allowing visitors to fully immersed with the delicate ecosystem.  Equipped with tropical rainforest climate, the Lodge is dotted at the buffer zone II of the undisturbed primary dipterocarp forest, the world eminent Danum Valley Conservation Area.

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The entry point to Kawag Danum is Lahad Datu town, it is accessible by air to Lahad Datu Airport from Kota Kinabalu or by road via Tawau or Sandakan.  It takes approximately 80 minutes drive to reach KDRL from Lahad Datu.

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Activities Include:

Bird watching, wildlife sighting, night drive, river exploration, river tubing, natural foot spa, dip in the waterfalls’ rock pools and guided jungle trekking.

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Arriving at the entrance, eyewitness the beauty of the reincarnated rainforest and as you walk-in, a warm and cozy environment are welcoming you to a pleasant stay at the Lodge.  From the Drop-Off Point, leisurely walk along the long boardwalk to the main Lodge facilities.  Immersed and welcomed yourself by the serene and cheerful symphony of the Kawag rainforest.

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The Lodge is equipped with 13 units Deluxe Room with air-conditioner, 7 units Standard Room with ceiling fan, Dining Hall, an Observation Tower and platform to venture into the Kawag River.

Every 20 rooms with 40 twins bedded are distinguished by the different view and surrounded by a landscape that values the natural tropical forest of the Lodge.  Ceiling fan and air conditioner offer extra comfort for residents, also assist to improve the natural room ventilation.  Enjoy the relaxing view from the balcony and let the stress of city life permeate into the rainforest.

The Lodge provides 24 hours of electricity supply, hot and cold shower, bath towels, soap, shampoo, and bottled drinking water.  High-tech generators, stored in a double-skinned generator house embedded with state of the art silencers, the Lodge offers 24/7 power supply to the residents.   Fresh and clean water resources are derived from water catchment.


The Lodge

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Deluxe Room

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Standard Room

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