Danum Valley

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Danum Valley holds a unique status of being an area with non-existent of logging and as the last remaining representative of a virgin forest that used to cover North Borneo.  Having the prestige as the location of the world-renowned leading field research station in the tropics, Danum Valley welcomes you to experience the sojourn in the untouched rainforest.  Discover the high diversity of plants and animals that are considered to be the most diverse on the planet with the possibility of finding new species, also home to few of the major primates such as Borneon Orangutan, Borneon Gibbon and as well as other big mammals.




Activities Include:

Danum Valley offers you tonic of relaxation and discovery, days fill with rainforest adventure and wildlife exploration, short trekking around the vicinity and longer walks if fitness allows you.

Get mesmerizes with the diversity of birds with astonishingly 15 species are endemic to Borneo!  See the birds that were unseen in other places.

Dip into the water and be ready to get wet for riverine activities at the Tembaling or Purut Waterfall.

Nights are spent with relieving the day’s discoveries while enjoying the sounds of nature symphony, hop on the jeep and let the guide show you the best secret of Night Drive in primary forest.


Danum Valley Studies Centre a place that contents beautiful nature reserve, located in the middle of Borneo. It is one of the last strongholds of undisturbed lowland rainforest. The richness and the diversity of the flora and fauna attract the attention of tourist and researcher. Danum Valley also recorded to receive notable visitor like Prince William and Kate Middleton on 15 Sep 2012 during their tour to Malaysia.


The forest in and around Danum Valley Conservation Area are an ideal location for nature and adventure tourism, with jungle trekking, wildlife photography, and bird watching particularly popular, and many interesting places and rich and diverse fauna and flora for visitors to discover. Among the popular outdoor activities are guided forest trekking, bird watching, night drives, guided night walks, sunrise/sunset watching, tree platform climbing and trips to INFAPRO and Borneo Rainforest Lodge. For indoor activities, Danum Valley Studies Centre has the Nature Discovery Centre, slide/video shows, a talk by scientists, interpretive displays, and environmental education activities.


Purut Waterfall is one of the spectacular waterfalls that you can found in Danum Valley. The waterfall is situated on the way to Mt. Danum. The waterfall is about 20 M in height with seven, tiered pools. It takes about 4 hours of jungle trekking from Studies Centre to reach the waterfall. The Tembaling Waterfall is the nearest waterfall to the Studies Centre and takes about 1 to 2 hours walk to reach along a forest trail, where one can witness Danum’s abundant flora and fauna.


The forest around DVSC is dominated by dipterocarp trees, with the canopy reaching a height of over 70 meters in places. Some 90% of the Conservation Area is classified as lowland dipterocarp forest with the remaining 10% being low canopy, sub-montane forest mainly found on Mt. Danum in the heart of the Conservation Area. Interestingly, there are very few large palms in Danum Valley.


The rare Wallace’s flying frog, soft-shelled turtles, skinks, viper, more than 40 species of fishes and a profusion of butterflies, such as the spectacular Rajah Brooke can be seen in Danum Valley forest. More than 120 mammals including 10 species of primates are found here. This area is an important habitat for Orang Utan, Borneon Pygmy Elephant, Banteng, Malayan Sun Bear, Clouded Leopard, Bearded Pig and 5 species of deer. It also provides one of the last refuges in Sabah for the critically endangered Sumatran Rhino. Over 300 species of bird have been recorded including Bulwer’s Pheasant, 7 species of Pitta, the Bornean Bristlehead and all 8 species of hornbill found in Borneo.

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