[table td1=”Day” td2=”Time” td3=”Activities”] [td1] 1 [/td1] [td2]

0930 hrs

frog semantic

1115 hrs


1230 hrs

1430 hrs

1900 hrs

2030 hrs

2230 hrs [/td2] [td3]

Depart from Lahad Datu to Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge for 1 hrs 15 mins

Arrive Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge at the drop off point.  Walk on the 200m boardwalk leading to the main building.

Welcoming Drink served, registration and follow with a briefing of the facilities by the Front Office personnel

Check-in to the room

Lunch at the Dining Hall

Guided trekking to Kingfisher Trail 1 for 2km about 1 hrs 30 mins passing though 4 streams. Possibility of sighting wildlife such as birds, gibbon, elephants & tambadau

Trek back to the Lodge

Dinner is served

Night Drive for a hour in search of nocturnal wildlife (if weather permits)


[/td3] [td1] 2 [/td1] [td2]

0600 hrs


0900 hrs
1200 hrs

1230 hrs

1500 hrs

1900 hrs


2230 hrs

[/td2] [td3]

Birdwatching morning walk towards the Observation Tower.  Enjoy the morning midst with a background sound of the early birds


Guided trekking to Great Argus Trail 4 for 2.8 km for 2 hrs into the forest.  Get ready your swimming gear for a dip in ‘Ali Baba Waterfall’.  If good luck is on your side, the sighting of wildlife such as bearded pig, elephants & birds.

Return to the Main Lodge to freshen-up

Lunch is served

Guided walk to the Boat House toward the Kawag River. Or Guest own leisure

Dinner is served

Night Walk for an hour at Kingfisher Trail 1 (if weather permits)

Good Night!

[/td3] [td1] 3 [/td1] [td2]

0700 hrs


1030 hrs

1145 hrs

[/td2] [td3]

Breakfast is served

Guided walk or guest own leisure

Check-out.  Depart to Lahad Datu Airport or Town

Arrive Lahad Datu Airport/Town

End of Tour

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